Namibian business influencers worth checking out

When it comes to business and entrepreneurship I have continued to look to influencers to pave the way. While I have grown to love many of these social mavens because of their amazing and insightful content they post, there are a few who stand out through their  informative messages. In the Namibian business community, particularly, many  youths inspire us far beyond their impressive content. Ahead, I am listing 5 amazing Namibian business influencers who are freely educating and making the most of their social platforms. From registering businesses to trading to investing these Namibians share all their knowledge to help empower their digital tribe. 

1. Tua Kalola

She gives guidance on business registration, business entity types and financial literacy advice.

2. Clementine Simbaranda

She gives business ideas and lifestyle tips.

3. Nelao Nengola

This youtuber provides information on building business and life in Namibia.

4. Jeremiah Mootseng

He gives tips on how to trade on the Namibian stock market

5. Thembi Kandanga 

Thembi provides step by step guidance how to invest in Namibia.

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