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A networking website to unite and educate aspiring entrepreneurs


Windhoek, Namibia, October 7, 2021 – Tosun Investments cc is excited to announce the launch of their new networking website to the public after testing it for months with a small group of people. Founded by Roseline Kinda, Mibagu is a Namibian owned website looking to help people come together and share wisdom. The website was created to bring Namibian entrepreneurs together to share ideas on the business opportunities available within the country and how they can start these businesses with minimal to no funding in order to build legacy businesses.  There are many people within the country who have great business ideas so this platform can be used to mentor and guide new entrepreneurs as well as to look for investors. With this platform we hope to inspire and awaken the dormant entrepreneur within each Namibian family.


The pivotal topics of the website are entrepreneurship, precolonial African history, ideas on off grid living, African spirituality, safety of children and the protection of nature. These topics mentioned above might not seem mutually exclusive but all play a fundamental role in the building of a strong prosperous nation. The platform guidelines outline that giving out information on private life is discouraged unless the discussions are centered around the above scope. We hope to also promote farming and vocational skills as a means serve the communities and make them attractive to the youth.  


According to research the mainstream social media platforms create a shallowing effect within people where people feel pressured to share the best highlights of their life and physical image in order to obtain validation from others. This has resulted in self esteem issues within the youth and the aim of this website is to counter this by steering the conversations and activities into a more realistic yet productive direction to show the youth that they are capable of achieving much more than a beautiful selfie. The website will also be monitored to counter online abuse and also to remove content that is deemed harmful. This includes foul language, racism, tribalism, obscene imagery, spam and misleading content.


The website also has a feature where members can display red, orange or green lights based on how they wish to interact with the other members on the website. By selecting a red light, the member will be indicating that they do not want to be contacted, members who choose to display the orange light will indicate that they are open to business related messages and people they already know and the green light will indicate that the member is open to being contacted for friendships. This will ensure that each member will be comfortable using the website knowing that they do not have to announce what they expect from other members in status updates. The site features also include a unique search bar that allows you to filter out members based on age, gender and distance as well as a member review feature on each account.


The mobile app for the website will be released in December 2021. This app will be compatible with iOS and android. The membership to the website is free and the app will also be free to download. Mibagu is the website to join want a supportive community with mutual goals.


Visit to sign up today.


For more information, please contact us on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.m